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Air Force Radar Station on Union Cross Road, 1962.

Air Force Radar Station on Union Cross Road, 1962.

Air Force Radar Station on Union Cross Road, 1962.

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  1. This a great photo!!! do you have any others of this location at the same time frame?? I am very interested in what you may have!

  2. There are other photos of the radar base on this web site –

  3. That photograph is suspect, because there would not have been a large structure behind the radar tower like that shadow implies. I am guessing this picture was taken through a window and the shadowy building was a reflection in it; the “halos” are probably the reflection of lighting inside the building where the camera was.

  4. This photograph was published in the Winston-Salem Journal, August 25, 1962, page 3.

  5. This is a time exposure. The halos are made by the lights on the radar antenna on top of tower 26, the large building to the rear. In front is a radome, known as tower 24. Tower 26 is still in the park, without its huge antenna.

  6. Good picture. Tower numbers need to be swaped. Station there 1959-1967, worked in both towers.

  7. I remember this radar station because it took me about two weeKS to find as a 10 year old radio amateur. When I was around ten my mother’s whole house tube operated intercom would buzz every so often mostly during the summer and just a fast buzz about every 30 seconds or so…. so I started trying to track down the source…. after describing it to several people that I knew in ecectronics, my mentor commented that it might be the radar station in Union cross. I lived in North, High Point, and had my father drive me by the radar, I could see it from, I guess it was 311 north. It was exciting to see it for a kid into electronics, and science! I drove by where I thought it was, a couple weeks ago, and as everything else it was changed and gone. I would love to see any parts, or remains of the antenna, or the equipment, or to learn anything technical I could about it. I have read that early radar operated on the 27 Mhz band, did this one?

  8. my dad and my uncle owned the little store across the street from the old ball field. anderson’s grocery. as a kid i can remember when the tower had the big radar turning on the top. the store still is there currently ran by the people that got it after my uncle passed away.

  9. Comment #6 Jim Dodd. I worked with SSgt James Dodd in 1966-1968. Can you forward this comment to his email?
    Please note, the tower number actually represent the radar nomenclature; the large tower housed the AN/FPS-24 Long Range Search Radar and the tower with the radome housed the AN/FPS 26 Height Finder Radar.
    Please publish my email.
    Thank you.
    James Carter

  10. I am a student doing a project on this and I was wondering if anybody had a lead on a primary source of someone who worked thee or worked near

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