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B. F. Huntley Furniture Company at 1201 North Patterson Avenue, 1956.

B. F. Huntley Furniture Company at 1201 North Patterson Avenue, 1956.

B. F. Huntley Furniture Company at 1201 North Patterson Avenue, 1956. The photo shows the rebuilt company offices after the fire in February 1956.

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  1. Hello I own a Huntley Chest Dresser.I have been looking for the Huntley Furniture Company to find information and Appraisal.It has 450 1/2 C H stamped on back also in the right hand of first drawer Huntley Furniture too is a 5 Drawers Chest Dresser and the front is Serpentine please email me with any information you may have.I greatly appreciate you taking the preciouse and valuable time you take reading and responding to my email is very important to me thank you. Sinceraly a proud owner of a Huntley Antique Chest Dresser Grisselle

  2. I have a five drawer chest of yours (medallion in top drawer on the right) with the number 1545 1/2 stamped on the back. The drawers are dove tailed. The middle drawer has two dividers, making three compartments. It is a very nice dresser. I was wondering the year it was made. What would it have sold for new? Is it worth anything now? Thank you for your time. They sure don’t make them like they use to. Sincerely, The Gray Family in Omaha, NE

  3. I am wondering if anyone has responded to the two prior comments. I have acquired a “Huntley Specialty Furniture” french provincial serpentine bedroom set that consists of a dresser & mirror, chest, 2 nightstands, and full size bed frame. I have searched ad nauseam for a set with the same details to no avail. I have identified same/similar hardware or furniture design, but nothing with these exact hardware and ornate wood carved accents. Since I cannot find any of the same piece, it seems this is a unique set. I am curious of its history and value. I have found details on the history of BF Huntley and am guessing this set was produced sometime between the Simmons and Thomasville mergers (1935-1961. I cannot find any specific information on the “Huntley Specialty Furniture” line or period. If anyone could help shed light, I would love to know more.

  4. Correction to my above comment, it is “Huntley Quality Furniture”, not Specialty. I realized the reason I initially landed on this photo is it seems to be a photo of the manufacture of the pieces I have. I cannot tell for sure, but it looks as if there is the same space between the upper drawers for the wood carved accents. I am guessing that was added around the same part of the process as the hardware, which is also not pictured here. Since it says the photo is from Feb 1956, that gives a good sense of the age of my bedroom set.

  5. I have a “Huntley Furniture” chest of 5 drawers (top is about half the height of the other drawers). It has “3010 1/2 Chest” stamped in the back and has a gold/brass colored medallion on the right, top drawer with the Huntley furniture logo embossed on it. I’m interested in any information you may have about this piece. I see nothing like it anywhere. Thank you kindly!

  6. I would like some information on a vanity that was my grandmothers. On the back it is stamped BF Co 440. thank you

  7. I have at Huntly 5 drawer chest dresser with a stamp on the top drawer on the back of the dresser it says 10701/2 chest I would like to know more Information About please text me back. Thank you very much

  8. I have acquired a Huntley Furniture dresser that has four drawers on the right side and a closet on the left side. Looks pretty unique and it has the gold Huntley Furniture stamp in the top drawer along with the original Huntley Quality Standard Card pinned with a string on the inside of the top drawer. They card explains their standards of quality. Seems pretty rare to me and also has 1896 printed on the back with ROBE printed below it.

    If you have any insight on this piece please respond!

    Thank you!

  9. Hi there. I have a Huntley Furniture 1921 1/2 chest (mahogany wood) and I was curious about it’s value. Thanks!

  10. I have a 7 drawer desk and was curious about its age.

  11. I own a Huntley furniture vanity I believe it is from the 1930s or late 1920s from what I can see . The vanity it’s self has a circle mirror and two drawers on each side and one drawer in the middle it a dark oak color and appears to not have been painted the handles are skinny curved ones with orange detail work on them Ive not been able to find anything like it online I bought it in and antique shop it fairmont WestVirginia I payed 100 dollars for it and was curious how much it’s worth if any one may know anything about it I’d love to know

  12. I found a dresser with five drawers. Top draw has an emblem Huntley Furniture screwed in it and in the back 70 1/2 CH stamped on it. Pretty good condition. Any info. Would be appreciated

  13. I have 2 B F Huntley dressers with mirrors one is a 3 drawer the other a 5 drawer and all drawers have individual locks located on the top of them, the big mirror attached to the 3 drawer dresser has a N O.156 stamped on the back with the 5 drawer having a B F Huntley badge on the back of the dresser itself, I am hoping someone would have some information on these 2 pieces

  14. I have a Huntley four drawer #1620 Half chest and would like some additional information on it. Manufacturer date, and possibly a value.

  15. I have a Huntley 5 piece bedroom set with the number 1054 119 can you please give me any information on year and possible value it also has original glass top on the set.

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