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Casstevens Hospital

Casstevens Hospital

Dr. J.C. Casstevens opened this 30-bed private clinic at the corner of Knollwood Street and Stratford Road in 1946. In 1954, the clinic became a hospital with obstetrics and minor surgery as its focus. Casstevens hospital was replaced in 1971 by Medical Park Hospital. An office complex, called Stratford Oaks, now sits on the land.

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  1. I had eye surgery there in 1957 by Dr. Byerly Holt. I barely remember its location on Stratford Rd., but I was sick as a dog because they only used ether at that time for surgeries. My doctor was afraid I might ruin his stitches from vomiting. That much I do remember and it was 55 years ago. I have often wondered if any of the medical records were kept from there and the old City Hospital where I was born.

  2. I was born in this hospital on June 24, 1948. Mother, Barbara Lee Heath Beeson, Dad, Clay R. Beeson, Sr.

  3. I believe it was a clinic in 1948. Mom always told me I was born in Casstevens Clinic on Stratford Road, Winston-Salem, N.C.

  4. I wonder if the old medical records are stored from Casstevens Hospital? My mom had major kidney surgery there and her daughters would like to know why? Does anyone know if the State may have them?

  5. I was born at Casstevens hospital in January of 1961. 40 years later I worked in the office building Stratford Oaks which now sits on the land where Casstevens once stood.

  6. I too was born at “Casstevens Clinic” in 1947. I was told it was called a clinic not a hospital.

  7. I was born at Casstevens Hospital in 1953. My mother was simi conscience and heard Dr. Casstevens say, “That’s four, there will be one more.” Mama thought she was having five babies. Dr. Casstevens was talking about contractions.

  8. I was about 9 years old and every Sunday back in 1970 my family would always go out to eat at Burger Chef on Stratford Rd. after church. I would always notice that building and I asked my mother what it was there. She told me that it was Cassteven’s Hospital. I thought it was unusual to see a hospital that looked like that. It reminds me a little of the older part of Baptist Hospital entrance.

  9. I was born at Casstevens on May 19, 1948. My parents lived in Hanestown then.

  10. I was born at Casstevens Clinic on January 20th, 1951.
    My mother said three women were in labor at the same time and the nurses had to cross her legs to keep me from coming because the other two women had complications and there was only one doctor!

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