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George Black

George Black

Mr. George Black, original mason of the 1923 North Carolina Baptist Hospital’s main building. He is holding a brick from the destruction of “Old Main” in 1978.

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  1. George Black’s house and brickyard (at 111 Dellabrook Rd.) are now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The marker reads: George Black House and Brickyard.

    This site was the home and brickyard of the nationally-known brickmaker George H. Black from 1934 until his death in 1980 at the age of 101. Black, the son of former slaves, came to Winston-Salem as a child. He worked for the Hedgecock and Hime Brickyard, which gave him a mud mill to use as firewood. Instead, he used it to start his own brickyard and established a reputation for making traditional handmade bricks of quality and durability. Black made bricks for use in Winston-Salem’s finest houses, in churches, businesses, and restorations in Old Salem and Colonial Williamsburg. A sought-after brickmaker across the state and Southeast, Black was nationally and internationally recognized for his craft. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

    See more information here: National Register of Historic Places (scroll down).

  2. That is my Great Great Grandfather. That is my Great Grandmother etrulia Father im proud to be related to a ledgend

  3. Charles Kuralt did a great story on George Black and his brickmaking. I am so glad to see this entry.

  4. George Henry Black is my Great Grandfather and i am so proud of him.I wish that i met him in person but his spirit lives forever.RIP Pa!!!

  5. George Henry Black is my Great Great Uncle and I am proud of his legacy. My Grandmother, Eva Mae Black was his niece, because her father, William Black and George Black were brothers. RIP and may your spirit live on forever.

  6. Here was a great man. Worked for the betterment of others for literally decades. And his work remains today, in the form of the buildings standing still because of his dedication to quality. We Americans all, miss him, a great American.

  7. George (Papa) Black is my Great Grandfather. He is the Grandfather of my father, Samuel A. Black. I am blessed to have met him before he passed. It makes me very proud to be a part of his family.

  8. I never met Mr. Black, but my dad would tell me stories of how Mr. Black would pay him and his brother and friend .$25 to whip the donkey so that the donkey could mix the clay! I thought that was an awesome. My dad grew up in the Dellabrook community where his house still stand.

  9. I suspect that Mr. Black made the bricks for the chimney at Bethania golf course about 1963. Any way to verify?

  10. Does anyone have information on the statue at the Walmart on the south side of Winston Salem that features Mr. Black? When was it built? Why is it located there? It is such a beautiful work.

  11. @ Sally Willard
    The bas relief brick sculpture is the work of local artist Brad Spencer. It was created for the store’s opening in January, 2007.

  12. I am working with the CNI project in Cleveland Avenue Homes. Was Mr. Black the brick mason for this community?

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