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Workshop of artist Joseph Wallace King, 1963.

Workshop of artist Joseph Wallace King, 1963.

Workshop of artist Joseph Wallace King, 1963. King was also known as Vinciata.

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  1. Vinciata, Painted my Great Uncle “Bill Crump”the Painting is in a Museum in Paris.the painting was on the cover of the pamplet advertising LaRevue Moderne in Paris,art exhibit in 12-1958.I am looking for any and all information I can get on my Uncle and the painting,would love to get a Print from this pic.he had a “Ballad” The Ballad of Bill Crump” recorded in the 70s about his Furniture(of which there is pieces in the Smithsonian” thanks for any help

  2. I know the painting you are talking about one of his daughters – ,Nellie Crump Wallace, was my grandmother. We have a copy of it as well as the name. Please feel free to email me for further information.

  3. I have been to painting of broken silence it is on the canvas and sign and it doesn’t look or feel like a print I was wondering who I can contact I would like to sell it.

  4. Hi. I have a painting signed by Vinciate. I think it’s ” Girl of Valdarno ” but the frame is different.

  5. Sandy…you can contact Larry Laster at 336-765-5919 or if you have a photo or scan of the painting you can e-mail it to him at: [email protected]

  6. I have this painting and would like more info and value thank you. M Robinson

  7. Hello. I am trying to find information on the Swamp Girl painting. I have a framed oil (possible oiliograph?) on canvas. The painting itself is roughly 28″ x 22″. There is a Vinciata signature on the bottom left corner. The painting appears to be varnished and is therefore difficult to tell if there are brush strokes. This painting belonged to my late boyfriends father, who had told his son that this was a valuable painting which he had purchased in the early ’60s. It was handed down to my boyfriend about 14 years ago when his father passed away. I can’t seem to find out much at all about the painting. Any info about it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  8. I have a SWAMP GIRL painting from the late 60’s that is 28″ x 22″ signed in bottom left corner by Vineiata. It is framed and is in excellent condition. I have always loved this painting, but not much information on the web! Is this a rare painting! Please help. Thanks Michael Robertson

  9. I’d like to know if I have original paintings.

  10. We have 4 Artist’s Proof that we are interested in selling. 1. Her First Arrangement, 2. The New Discovery, 3. Queen Elizabeth II and 4. Unbroken Silence. All have been hanging, framed and behind glass for YEARS!

  11. I have broken silence I think it is a print and was wondering its value its signed in the lower left corner Vinciata! It is matted and framed behind glass a beautiful painting

  12. I have a sketch on a relatively small piece of paper with a handwritten note from JWK/ Vinciata to a woman named Ann. Below the note, which says “To: Ann, best of everything” he signed it with his full name and then Vinciata, he sketched a building of some sort, likely a church, on top of a hill. The paper is maybe 5″ wide and 7″ tall, has an old piece of tape across the top where no writing is, and the whole is framed by a rather old worn frame. I contacted his wife and she confirmed that it was, in fact, his writing but had no idea what I should do with it. Any ideas?

  13. I have an artists sketch of Vinciati “Early Morning” – signed and framed. Any value?

  14. I have an OIL PAINTING of a Blonde Gal..with a village behind her…She`s exposed from the Breast Portion ONLY…Signed Jude 1981…Gonna hang it on the wall.Are therE ANY BOOKS WITH HIS WORKS HE`S DONE?

  15. I have 4 prints. I’m looking for a value on them. One is Jesus Christ, with his hands reaching out. Mother Mary holding baby Jesus. The other two are Christ with children. And the final is Christ baptizing children. They are all in very good shape and quite old. Paper looks old, but I’m not sure if its canvas(?). They are all very moving and drawing you in with there depth! Thank you, Terri

  16. I have a small print of Madonna of the Storm, not framed. Does it have any value? Thank you.

  17. I have a vinciati girl of valdorno ,am wondering the value of it?

  18. I also have a Vinciati Girl of Valdorno. Am wondering its value?

  19. Hi,I’m trying to information on the painting with the girl with storm clouds, or broken silence. My mother who passed 3 years ago told me that it was a portrait of her. I just want to find out if this is true. I have 2 of the paintings at home. Her name was Rebecca.

  20. After removing a painting from its
    frame,I discovered an original sketch of a half undressed young
    woman,signed by Viciata,behind the painting. Any thoughts on info/selling regarding it?

  21. There are 2 books written about Vinciata (Joseph King) and his paintings which may be of interest to people who have Vinciata prints/paintings.The books are: “The Art of Vinciata,” and “There Ain’t No Rags in Beverly Hills: an anecdotal autobiography of the artist.” The library does not have insight into the value of Vinciata paintings. Check with art or antique galleries.

  22. I was next door neighbor with Cassandra Penn Wright and she told me that Joe King painted her daughter (Cassandra) and that she wished she had bought it at the time. The daughter (Sandra) was a Norman Norell model in NY. Mrs . wright was a Penn (as in Chincapenn Estate in Reidsville, NC). Thank you.

  23. I have one of his pictures wondering what it was worth

  24. I have a painting signed Vinciata of a young girl possibly eight years old With long hair. She sits with left hand on top of right hand. In the background is what looks like a huge dome building. Would like information. It is a wonderful. It is matted and framed.

  25. I have the “you without sin” painting and am trying to figure out if it is real or a re-print. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  26. I have one if the rarest original paintings he ever did. My grandma was great friends with him and he also painted my mom I can’t show the painting on this message but if interested in seeing a one of a kind email me. [email protected]. I have a bunch of history of him painting my mom when she was younger and how he would use certain parts of her figure to enhance other people he was painting but the real cool part is he gave our family one of his original signed self portraits I have a lady wearing a beautiful outfit set upon a beautiful landscape

  27. I have two of his pieces, I can’t find one of them anywhere and it’s a framed piece, I got it from the “Wall” estate, the family that owns Sunny Side Ice, a local ice company where he was located at Reynolda Village, I can send a picture but I think it’s a framed print possibly an oil painting, a young woman holding a child, the other is a sketch drawing he signed twice, “Young Peasant Mother”, I was hoping to get more info and maybe a value of the two pieces, thank u.

  28. I purchased an antique mantel from a large grouping of antiques from a “well-known artist” from Winston-Salem NC. The group had been consigned to a shop in Mocksville. This was 3+ years ago if I remember correctly. I was always curious but did not follow up with the owner about who the artist was as I bought it not for resale but to finish the back wall behind checkout. The consignment shop closed and I had no other point of reference. Now in hindsight, I would love to know it’s history and wonder if it actually came from the home of Mr. King. Any help would be appreciated.

  29. I have a framed portrait of “For they know not what they do” that I bought several years ago at an antique store. It is signed and numbered I also have never taken it from it’s frame.. How can I tell if it is really a portrait or a print. And what would be the value of each please? Thank you so much

  30. We do not appraise artwork or objects, sorry that we cannot help you with that information. There are auction houses that have sales records of Vinciata artwork that may give you an idea of value. You can web search “Vinciata” or “Joseph Wallace King” to find the information. There is also a website with information on his art and Elon University has a Joseph Wallace King Collection. They may be able to assist you as well.

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